About Clear 2 Work

We Are A Human Capital & Asset Management
Company Focused On Risk Reduction.

Our patented technology has an application for the Government Agencies, Public and Private Schools and Universities, Energy Industry, Construction Industry, Banking Industry, Transportation/Trucking industry, the Defense Industry, Retail Industry and Manufacturing Industry.


If we are going to improve performance, we must evolve. Our business culture must recognize that optimizing our workplace performance and reducing risk with proven technology will improve our competitive presence in an incredibly challenging business environment.

We at Clear to Work are searching for business partners who want to join us to create the next evolution of business management tools for the future.

Executive Bios

Paul Luker Bio

Mr. Luker has over 40 years of experience in heavy industry including the petroleum industry, construction industry and steel industry.

During my career I have worked for the Hunt Oil Family, Mesa Petroleum and Boone Pickens, Lone Star Steel, Ocean Energy, Devon Energy, Anadarko, W&T Offshore and Sabine Oil and Gas. I have onshore and offshore operations experience in drilling, production, completions, pipelines, and construction. I have extensive experience in developing, implementing, and managing safety and environmental management systems.

I am a recognized expert witness. I have worked on small cases and large cases. They all get the same level of attention from me. I have qualified as an expert witness up through the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans as an expert in personal injuries.

My expert testimony has included:

  • Flash fires,
  • Explosions,
  • Drilling rig injuries,
  • Pipeline injuries,
  • Process equipment failures,
  • Hydrocarbon and produced water spills,
  • Product liability issues with chemicals and equipment damage,
  • Construction injuries.

I am a recognized expert for OSHA in process safety management.

I have a degree from Nicholls State University BA Applied Science. I am Board Certified as a Safety Professional by the BCSP.

Brad Jeske Bio

Mr. Jeske Has extensive experience in operational transformation, business development and strategy. Executes company’s business plan by partnering with cross-functional teams across the enterprise to grow business, improve operational efficiency and builds diverse and dynamic teams.

Extensive experience with P&L management, customer experience delivery, continuous improvement, program management, staff development and organizational change management. Excels at providing the vision and resources essential for driving and operationalizing capabilities and enhancement of enterprise operations. Recognized as a charismatic, enthusiastic and insightful leader.