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Clear to Work offers Human Asset platform for management of contract related services for the oil and gas industry. Our unified solution creates a single digital system for the effective management of projects, vendors, insurance compliance and contractor personnel. Our service empowers companies with the tools necessary to manage their contracts and gain full visibility into the different variables associated within the project life-cycle.


Project Tracking

Centrally manage all your contractors and have access to granular contractor data with powerful reporting.


Requirements Tracking

Track all project and scope requirements by project across your company. Gain full insight into requirements compliance.


Vendor Management

Setup and manage vendor information, documentation and service details allowing for real-time vendor data and deliverables.

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Our powerful tracking and training modules are all based on today’s highly flexible cloud technologies, allowing for quick access across computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Computer Based Safety Training

Clear to Work provides computer based safety training courses that offer a rich set of modules for today’s contractor workforce. Our 400+ courses cover a wide range of safety disciplines and industry safety instructions that are updated to meet today’s industries guidelines.

A wide range of courses and modules including reports and certificates that are fully researched and expertly designed on key OSHA required topics and disciplines.
Our courses and modules can be customized to meet your specific project safety requirements allowing for a specific safety theme to be taught.
Electronic learning allows for a cost effective approach to delivering a consistent message at an employees speed within any location or time.

Background Screening

Clear to Work prides itself on providing the industry a wide range of background screening services and products.

Our screening products access the most critical data sources for identity verification, DMV reports, criminal records and credit bureau reporting all within one solution. By providing a centralized system for the data retrieval of critical screening data companies can efficiently manage contractor personnel on-boarding processes.

By being your single source of verification, Clear to Work allows companies to focus on their core business operations. Our data sources are updated frequently and reliably allowing for accurate screening data for quick on-boarding turnaround times.

Real-time On-Site Verification

Clear to Work offers an innovative wireless mobile service for the real-time verification of contractors and employees. Our powerful mobile application enables companies the ability to quickly verify identification and certifications including permission to work in country of record.


By leveraging the use of mobile devices and the latest data access technology, our mobile application quickly scans a user’s ID card and retrieves the user’s identity including name, certification status and history within a matter of seconds without compromising the user’s information to unauthorized access.


By combining these technologies and services, companies can safeguard their contracts and project sites against a number of potential liabilities such as the use of unauthorized, uncertified and untrained contractors and employees.

Mobile Ready

Powerful mobile application for on-the-go use

Quick Identification

Quick Scan feature with NFC powered ID Cards

Secure ID Cards

Randomized Unique Identifiers with Anti-Cloning

Real-time Data

Data is retrieved securely via Wi-Fi/Cellular Access

Push Notifications

Receive quick push notifications and messages.

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