The Role of Expert Witnesses in Oil & Gas Personal Injury

Paul Luker, President, Clear2Work (281) 814-2688,

In oil and gas personal injury cases, expert witnesses play a crucial role in providing specialized knowledge and insights to help the court understand complex technical, scientific, and industry-specific aspects of the incident. These cases can involve a wide range of accidents, including those that occur during drilling, exploration, production, pipeline transportation, construction and refining activities.

Paul Luker is a degreed, board certified safety professional and has 50 years of oil and gas experience including Drilling, Workover and Completion, Production, Pipeline, Operations, Construction and Regulatory Compliance. Paul has served as an Industry Expert since 1995, Paul is recognized as a personal injury expert up through the US 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, LA. Paul has experience in pipeline explosions and fire investigations and testimony, powerline strikes including fatalities, pipeline construction injuries. Paul has testifiedĀ in multiple drilling accidents, workover completion accidents, and production facility accidents

Here are several types of expert witnesses commonly involved in oil and gas personal injury cases:

Safety and Process Safety Expert: Experts in safety and process safety can evaluate whether proper safety protocols and procedures were in place. They may assess the effectiveness of safety training, hazard identification, and emergency response plans.

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