Expert Witnesses – Their Role & Responsibilities

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An expert witness is a person who is called upon to provide their specialized knowledge, skills and experience to assist a court or tribunal in resolving a dispute. The expert witness has a number of important roles and responsibilities, including:

  • Providing independent, impartial and unbiased testimony:An expert witness must provide testimony that is honest, accurate and objective. They should not be influenced by their relationship with any party or their own personal opinions.
  • Assisting the court or tribunal:An expert witness must assist the court or tribunal in understanding complex technical or scientific evidence. They should provide clear and concise explanations that are easy for the court or tribunal to understand.
  • Preparing a report:An expert witness may be required to provide a written report outlining their opinion or findings. This report should be clear, concise and well-organized.
  • Being available for cross-examination:An expert witness may be required to answer questions from the opposing side during cross-examination. They must be able to defend their opinion or findings and must not be intimidated or biased by the questioning.
  • Acting ethically and professionally:An expert witness must act ethically and professionally at all times. They should not make false or misleading statements and should not be involved in any activities that could compromise their independence or impartiality.

Overall, the role of an expert witness is to help the court or tribunal to arrive at a just and fair decision based on the best available evidence. By fulfilling their responsibilities and providing expert testimony, they play an important role in maintaining the integrity of the legal system.

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